Lasting Results for Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression


    Here's what to expect on your journey:

    • Dr. Mark Colafranceschi’s 25 years of clinical experience put into courses.

    • Some really challenging, mind-bending lessons.

    • An uneasy feeling when you open yourself up to... yourself.

    • A bit of a mess when your brain turns sideways and rejects the obvious. (Don't worry - it will straighten back out again!)

    • An epiphany when you rethink everything you've learned, or thought you've learned, about HEALTH.

    • The ultimate mental gymnastics with the ULTIMATE EXERCISE.

    • You will see results quickly; they will mirror the quality and deliberation of the effort invested

  • The Emotion-Link




    Health conditions exhibit a structural / physical component, a biochemical / physiological component and an emotion-link (eLink) connection to the illness. Dr. Colafranceschi addresses all three. They are the Triad of Health.


    If you have tried and failed to overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia or weight issues, please take a few minutes to meet Dr. Colafranceschi and learn why addressing the missing link that traditional practitioners ignore is so unique and critical.

    Are you ready to learn how the eLink can get you beyond the dangerous pills and unnecessary treatments you've been enduring? Then the next step is to enroll in Dr. Colafranceschi's Short Course Series. These targeted courses ($100 each / $250 bundled price for 3) have been developed to get right to the heart of the all-too-common conditions of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and back pain.



    For those ready to go straight to the Advanced eLink Course, this facilitated format includes 30-day direct access to Dr. Mark Colafranceschi for $1500. You may switch from the Short Course Series to the Advanced eLink Course at any time and pay only the difference between the course fees.



    The Emotion-Link Short Course Series

    These short courses help you learn the cause and effect between structural, physiological and emotional factors and illness. They then employ proactive steps to facilitate change, all for less than the cost of a doctor's visit. You will see results quickly.

    The Emotion-Link to Anxiety & Insomnia


    There is a purpose to anxiety and insomnia. There is a connection between your buried feelings and your personality. Once you know the cause you know the cure.

    The Emotion-Link to Depression & Insomnia

    There is a purpose to depression and insomnia. There is a connection between your buried feelings and your personality. Once you know the cause you know the cure. 

    The Emotion-Link to Back Pain & Muscle Pain


    There is a purpose to muscle tension and pain. Muscle pain is often connected to physical, biochemical, and emotional factors. Learn this important eLink and make the changes.

    The Emotion-Link to Weight Gain


    Diets do not work. This is an established fact. Dr. Colafranceschi will teach you why diets are dangerous and then set you on a path that is certain to make lasting, positive change.


    Note: Elements of the Advanced Emotion-Link Course are found in all Short Courses.


    The Purpose of Illness

    Most doctors fail to teach patients the purpose of illness, pain, or symptoms.

    Knowing the purpose of your illness greatly aids in your ability to resolve it. The Short Course Series will introduce you to these important concepts while the Advanced Emotion-Link Course provides deeper, invaluable insight.


    Purpose of Pain & Symptoms

    Understanding why our bodies send signals of pain or discomfort (i.e., anxiety to back pain) is essential to our survival.


    Purpose of Anxiety

    The purpose of anxiety is connected to fear and survival. Any dangerous situation requires an escape route.


    Purpose of Depression

    Depression is a state of feeling of sadness, despair, and loss of interest. It may involve the body, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts.

    Purpose of Arthritis

    'Athro' means joint and 'Itis,' means inflammation. Think of arthritis as a fire. The inflammatory response is purposeful in protecting you, not harming you.

    Advanced Emotion-Link Course


    Lasting Results For Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

    • The Course teaches why pills, diets, and treatments consistently fail to give you lasting results for anxiety, depression, and weight issues.
    • One of the missing links is finding the biological and emotional purpose in your condition.
    • Buried emotions or past trauma are a gift built into your illness. You don't know why yet, but the course will expose the reasons.
    • Emotion-Link = the connection between emotion, illness, and health that is the secret to healing.
    • Real-time facilitation provided by Dr. Mark Colafranceschi via phone and video conference.





    Knowing where to begin can be the biggest obstacle to starting your personal journey to healing. Let the No-Risk Upgrade make it easy. Start with one or more of the courses in the Short Course Series and you may upgrade to the Advanced Emotion-Link Course at any time and pay only the difference between the course fees.




  • More from Dr. Mark Colafranceschi

    Dr. Mark Colafranceschi offers advanced courses and consultation in the areas of nutrition and water fasting. These programs can be taken in a self-directed format as well as a facilitated format where you have 30-day direct access to Dr. Mark Colafranceschi.



    The Total Nutrition course goes deep into body chemistry, symptoms, and remedies. Learn why diets don’t work and supplements are not the answer.






    Water-only fasting is one of the most effective and safe ways to resolve health issues. Clinical and peer-reviewed studies have established its effectiveness and safety.




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